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Safety First

  • All boats are equipped with 12 orange safety vest, a life preserver/throw cushion and a fire extinguisher. However, the friendly staff can fit anyone that would like a fitted life jacket instead.
  • Any children under the age of 13 has to wear a safety vest at all times while riding on any boat.
  • Westlake Boat Rentals has infant life jackets to ensure the safety of babies.
  • The staff will perform a dockside safety check list and go over boat and how to operate the boat. Westlake Boat Rentals offers a temporary boating license while renting any boat. This temporary license acts as a boating license for the entire time that the boat is being rented.
  • All renters will read, sign and date a boating dockside safety checklist. This will ensure that all boating drivers understand the Smith Mountain Lake driving rules.
  • All boats have bimini tops and attached ladders. The bimini tops will protect you from the sun and the ladders will help you get in and out of the water safely.
  • All drivers are given Smith Mountain Lake maps. Ask our staff to show you restaurants and places to shop on the water when traveling by boat.
  • Please be sure that when a boat is moving that all persons are inside of the boat railing. If someone is sitting or “laying out” on the foot or back of the boat while it is moving then they are subject to receive a ticket!